Why your stuff didn't sell at _______ event.

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February 21, 2024

I read this really great article and it got me thinking about the traffic at Pop Ups lately. It's been slow for some Makers and pretty good for others. It depends on what you sell, where you sell and how you sell. Let's talk about some of this. 

I'll include the article here: Great article!

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. The markets have been slow and I understand that. We can blame it on the Organizer for not doing their job, we can blame it on the venue location or even Mother Nature. Let's talk about some of the changes we can make- as Vendors and Organizers. 

As an organizer, I have faith in myself and in my advertising abilities. I get the word out in the best ways I know how.  Getting 100,000 or 150,000 impressions is fantastic. But... Did that bring people to the market? Some, yes. But not a lot. I like to work on the "One Percent Rule". If a hundred thousand people see the event  graphic I made, generally 1,000 may click on the ad. Out of those 1,000 clickers, hopefully 100 people will show up to the event. Imagine when I send out 82,000 emails with the graphic, 820 people click on it and then 82 people show up. No, that's not great. It's also not the only way I advertise events. 

Social Media is a great way to get the word out about Markets and other fun things to do. BUT... picture this: If I only tell my followers- no matter which platform I choose- only "my people" where know where to find me. It's admittedly, not that many. If you get to the venue, and decide to post, once you're all set up, good for you! Not good for your followers or potential customers. If you announce only on the day that you get there, I bet all of your people have already made plans for that day. If you tell your followers where you'll be in enough time- then all of your people know where to find you. They know where to bring their pocket books and... BAM! They buy your products. 


They won't buy from you because you're sitting there on your phone or reading a book and not engaging with your customers. Say, "Hello!" and maybe a little bit of "I made all of these _____ ." Even a, "Would you like to try it?" or (holding an item) "Isn't this neat?". Interaction with your customers is SUPER helpful in making sales. Even if they didn't buy from you- be nice. Please answer their questions (within reason). Please look people in the eye when you talk to them. You would be surprised how many things I bought when I said, "I've gotta come back for this." and I actually did. It's because I wasn't treated rudely. Even if some potential customers never come back- they are still "potential" customers. You've heard people say, "Maybe next time..." Well, yeah. Maybe there will be a next time they come by your table. This time they spend. 

What do you do to sell your product? Leave some hints or suggestions for it's-all-new-to-me Vendors. 

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