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Food Vendors: please email before event registration.
Howell Farmers Market



Howell Farmers Market

Sun, Jun 2 2024, 10:00 am

Echo Lake Park

VENDOR APPLICATION - Spring- Summer  - Matawan Farmers Market




VENDOR APPLICATION - Spring- Summer - Matawan Farmers Market

Fri, Jun 7 2024, 1:00 pm

Jereimiah E. Hourihan Field

VENDOR APPLICATION - Howell Farmers Market




VENDOR APPLICATION - Howell Farmers Market

Sun, Jun 9 2024, 10:00 am

Echo Lake Park, Maxim Southard Road, Howell Township, NJ, USA

VENDOR APPLICATION- Sea Bright Farm & Artisan Market




VENDOR APPLICATION- Sea Bright Farm & Artisan Market

Wed, Jun 26 2024, 1:00 pm

1097 Ocean Ave

VENDORS NEEDED for Film One Festival



VENDORS NEEDED for Film One Festival

Sat, Jul 20 2024, 5:00 pm

Atlantic Highlands Marina, Atlantic Highlands, NJ, USA

More than just Farmers Markets

Hear Here, LLC

Hear Here, LLC is dedicated to creating vibrant and engaging community events, like Farmers Markets, that bring people together. 

About Hear Here, LLC

At Hear Here, LLC, we specialize in crafting unforgettable events that bring your community together and elevate your business's social engagement. From large-scale town events to intimate gatherings, our expertise in event planning and promotion ensures your event is seamless and successful.

Event Organization

Our comprehensive event organization services cover every detail, whether you're hosting a Farmers Market, a Makers Market, a Pop-Up event, or a personal celebration like a birthday party. We handle all aspects, including:


We source everything you need, from tents and catering to furniture rentals, decorations, and entertainment.

Coordination: With years of experience and a vast network of resources, we ensure your event is well-coordinated and runs smoothly.

On-Site Management: As the event organizer, we stay on-site throughout the event to oversee operations and address any issues, allowing you to enjoy the event worry-free.

Customizable Involvement: Learn as much or as little about the planning process as you wish; we're here to accommodate your preferences. 

Event Promotion: Maximize your event's reach with our proven promotion strategies. We use targeted promotion techniques across multiple platforms to ensure your event is seen by the right audience. 

Our services include:

Wide Reach: Promoting your event to hundreds of thousands of people.

Targeted Marketing: Tailoring promotions by region, demographic, or social interest to maximize engagement.

Efficient Processes: Simplified ticketing and registration procedures for a smooth user experience.

Social Media Ad Services & Content Creation

Enhance your business's online presence with our social media management and content creation services. We help you gain more followers, increase content interaction, and free up your time to focus on your clients. Our services include:

Custom Content:

Every piece of content is crafted based on your preferences and business needs.

Strategic Marketing: 

Effective social media marketing and promotion to boost your business's visibility and engagement.

Let Hear Here, LLC help you create memorable events and grow your social media presence, bringing your community closer and your business forward.

Contact Us

Ready to plan your next event or enhance your social media presence? Get in touch with Hear Here, LLC today!

Market Agreement

Please read before applying for any events with Hear Here, LLC


What you need to know about events organized by Hear Here, LLC

How do I register for the market?

To register for the market, please click on the button labeled "Tickets" or "Get More Info". Then, click on the button labeled "Vendor Registration" and complete the form. All applications are subject to approval. Once approved, you will receive a payment link to secure your space. 

My application was not approved. 

If your application is not approved that means that the market is either full, or we have reached the quota for the product or service that you offer. 

Example: For some markets there are no food vendors allowed, so your application will be declined. 

What do I bring to the market with me?

You must bring your own canopy (for outdoor markets), table, table covering (that reaches the floor), and displays to set up your booth.

I have registered and paid for my space. Now what?

After registering and paying for your space, you will receive a confirmation email from our website. Before the market begins, you will receive an email with setup information and a graphic to advertise the event on social media. If you do not receive an email within three days of the event, please contact Jenn at

I want to register for a Market, but I have questions.

Please read all of the information listed in the event description. Most of the info can be found there. If you have read through that information, as well as these FAQ, and you still cannot find your answer- please email the Organizer at 

Are there waiting lists for the sold out markets?

There are NO waiting lists for any market. All markets are booked on a first come, first served basis. 

Why do I have to advertise?

Advertising is a group effort that benefits everyone. Most followers of Hear Here events are vendors, not buyers. By sharing the event with your followers, you help attract customers who are interested in your products. You can advertise on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social or news media platform.

For Food Vendors only: 

All food vendors (that is any vendor that sells any items for human consumption) must comply with local, county and state boards of health requirements. If you're a food vendor, in addition to the selected forms for the MCBoH or JSRHC, please send the organizer the following: 

* Commissary Kitchen: Food Protection Manager Certificate, Satisfactory kitchen inspection

* Commercial Kitchen: Letter from Manager (of you are not the owner), Satisfactory kitchen inspection 

* Cottage Food Operator: Food Protection Manager Certificate, CFO permit

What happens if I need help during the market?

If you need assistance during the market, please see Jenn, the Organizer. She acts as the liaison between vendors and the venue and can answer any market-related questions or provide help. If she doesn't have the answer, she will find someone who does.