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Hear Here, LLC creates social media content and branded ads. We specialize in event organization and promotion.

Event Organization

Hear Here provides the service of small and large scale event organization and promotion. Whether you're planning a town-wide event, a small Makers Market or Pop Up or a birthday party; Hear Here can organize the whole event. We procure everything- tents, catering, furniture rental, decorations, entertainment and service help.

With years of experience in networking and making connections between businesses, we know where to find the resources to make your event spectacular. As the Organizer, I remain at the event the entire time to make sure things go smoothly. Learn as little or as much about the process as you, the host or sponsor, would like to know. 

Event Promotion

With proven results your event can be promoted to hundreds of thousands of people and you'll have the most exposure possible. Simple ticketing and registration procedures are combined with targeted promotion (by region, demographic or social interest) to let everyone know about your event. General promotion on three to five different platforms can produce results of upwards of 200, 000 people viewing your event.

Social Media Ad Services & Content Creation

Social media management, content creation, marketing and promotion for your business. You'll get more followers, see more content interaction, have more time to sell to and service clients. Every piece of content we create is custom made for you based on the preferences we discuss.


Client and Account Management

Organizational skills are very important in running any business, group or club. When administrative duties are needed- whether it's creating club bylaws, entering and balancing bank transactions or contacting clients via email or in person- Hear Here can assist. Lending a helping hand with clerical and behind-the-scenes duties will enable you to maintain your business relationships and leave you more time to strengthen those alliances. 

Multi Platform Social Media Posting

Hear Here, LLC can create all of your social media posts. We ensure each post is creative, unique and engaging.

We will post on a consistent schedule for you giving you a relevant presence on each chosen platform. Not being concerned about your social media can give you more time to devote to your business. Here provides the service of small and large scale event organization and promotion. Whether you're planning a town-wide event, a small Makers Market or Pop Up or a birthday party, Hear Here can organize the whole event- tents, catering, furniture rental, decorations, entertainment and service help. With years of experience in networking and making connections between businesses, we know where to find the resources to make your event spectacular.

Upcoming Events

Food Vendors: please email before event registration.
Sea Bright Indoor Farmers Market
Sea Bright Indoor Farmers Market

1167 Ocean Avenue North, Sea Bright, NJ, USA

Sea Bright Indoor Farmers Market



Sea Bright Indoor Farmers Market

Wed, Feb 21 2024, 1:00 pm

1167 Ocean Avenue North, Sea Bright, NJ, USA





Wed, Feb 28 2024, 1:00 pm

Cecile F. Norton Community Center

BoyStory Boutique Market - OPEN REGISTRATION for VENDORS



BoyStory Boutique Market - OPEN REGISTRATION for VENDORS

Fri, Mar 8 2024, 11:00 am

BoyStory Boutique

VENDOR REGISTRATION for Boystory Boutique Market




VENDOR REGISTRATION for Boystory Boutique Market

Mon, Apr 1 2024, 11:00 am

Boystory Boutique

VENDOR REGISTRATION - Matawan Farmers Market



VENDOR REGISTRATION - Matawan Farmers Market

Fri, Jun 7 2024, 1:00 pm

Jereimiah E. Hourihan Field



Great and well organized market. Community is good and I am glad to be a part of this community. I'm excited to see who will be there next week.

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Joseph G.
Keyport Farmers Market

The event was worth attending. It was a great experience. Looking forward to attend more events.

Read more
Jake N.
Taste of Keyport

Absolutely amazing! Lots of good music, nice people, and delicious food. Would definitely go again next year!

Read more
Gary S.
Taste of Keyport

It was a fun afternoon with the ladies. The food samples were delicious. Lovely town. First time many of us were there. Great job

Read more
Ellen W.
Taste of Keyport

The event is superb and very well organised. Glad to be a part of this wonderful event. I'm looking forward for more such events in the town and I will try to pull my friends in for your next one.

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Angela T.
Taste of Keyport

Market Agreement

Please read before applying for any events with Hear Here, LLC

1. REGISTRATION-All registrations are final. Refunds will not be provided under any circumstances.

2. TRANSACTION DISCLAIMER-The Organizer shall bear no responsibility for transactions between vendors and customers. It is the vendor's duty to manage their sales and collect applicable taxes. Sales outcomes are not guaranteed by the Organizer.

3. SETUP AND BREAKDOWN-Vendors must ensure their stalls are ready for operation by the market's commencement time. Setup can begin up to two hours before the market starts. Vendors must refrain from breaking down their stalls before the market's conclusion. The Organizer retains the sole right to authorize early breakdowns due to safety concerns.

4. STALL REQUIREMENTS-Every vendor must have a strong canopy, a tablecloth, and display materials. All stall items should be secured against wind and potential weather disruptions.

5. COMPLIANCE-The Organizer retains the authority to demand strict adherence to all rules and regulations. Deviations from these rules and regulations will not be entertained.

6. EVENT DETAILS-Specifics regarding the market, such as its date and location, are available on the event's associated graphic.

7. MANAGEMENT-For the purposes of this Agreement, Hear Here LLC will be referred to as the "Organizer."

8. SPACE ALLOCATION-The Organizer possesses the exclusive right to allocate booth spaces. Vendors are prohibited from sharing booths without the Organizer's explicit consent and cannot transfer or sublet their space.

9. FEE REGULATIONS-All booth fees must be settled in full prior to the event. Unpaid booths will remain unoccupied.

10. DISPLAY CONSIDERATIONS-Vendors must ensure their displays do not hinder neighboring stalls. All display activities should be contained within the confines of the vendor's designated space.

11. SETUP PROTOCOL-Vendors cannot commence packing until the event concludes. Consistent cooperation on this front is mandated. Non-compliance may result in loss of future participation rights. 

12. STAFFING REQUIREMENTS-Stalls must be manned continuously by individuals aged 18 or above. The Organizer reserves the right to dictate and enforce booth staffing rules.

13. VENDOR LIABILITY-Vendors are obligated to maintain cleanliness and order in their assigned spaces. Should any part of the venue be damaged due to a vendor's actions or those of their representatives, the vendor will be held financially responsible. Vendors agree to indemnify the Organizer and its affiliates from liabilities, including but not limited to claims related to personal injury, product liability, or property damage arising from their participation.

14. FOOD AND BEVERAGE SALE-Vendors intending to sell food or beverages must obtain the Organizer's consent and submit necessary documentation to relevant health departments ahead of the event. The sale of alcoholic beverages mandates ABC's displayed approval. All requisite forms must be presented to the Organizer beforehand.

15. SMOKING POLICY-Both smoking and vaping are strictly forbidden within the venue and the assigned vendor spaces.

16. INSURANCE-The Organizer or venue may require vendors to sign a Hold Harmless agreement.

17. STALL MAINTENANCE-Vendors are responsible for cleaning their stalls and ensuring waste disposal, leaving the space in its original condition.

18. SUBLEASE PROHIBITIONS-Vendors are strictly prohibited from subleasing their stalls. Sharing or distributing items on behalf of a non-participating entity without the Organizer's approval is also forbidden.

19. TAX AND LEGAL OBLIGATIONS-Vendors must abide by all relevant tax laws and other regulations related to sales. The Organizer is not responsible for any tax liabilities arising from a vendor's participation.

20. CANCELLATION-Vendors may cancel their participation in writing. However, all fees are non-refundable. If the event is rescheduled, fees will be transferred to the new date. Inability to attend on the rescheduled date results in forfeiture of fees.

21. FORCE MAJEURE-Should the event be partially or wholly disrupted due to unforeseen events beyond the Organizer's control, such as natural disasters, civil disturbances, or pandemics, the Organizer is exempt from any form of compensation to the vendor.

22. AMENDMENTS-The Organizer has the authority to modify or append to these regulations as deemed necessary for the event's smooth operation. Vendors will be notified of any changes promptly.

23. ORGANIZER'S RIGHTS-The Organizer holds exclusive discretion over vendor participation and will act as the primary liaison with the venue. Vendors are required to communicate any concerns through the Organizer before reaching out to the venue. The Organizer also reserves the right to evaluate vendor eligibility based on specific criteria, including product origin and health certifications. 

Non-compliance may result in warnings and potential expulsion without refunds.


What you need to know about events organized by Hear Here, LLC

How do I register for the market?

Please click on  button labled "Tickets". Then click on the button labled "Vendor Registration" and complete the form. Choose How to pay. After payment has been received, you will get a confirmation email. Keep that email handy to refer back to it if you have any questions about the date or time of the event. 

What do I bring to the market with me?

You must bring your own canopy, table and displays to set up. 

When will I know if I got in to the Market?

You will receive an email within 2 weeks with notice of your status- if you were approved or not. 

I will send an email out a couple days before the event just to remind you of all set up details. 

I was approved. Now what do I do?

Nothing. Please be patient and you will get an email with instructions regarding your approval for the event within two weeks of applying. 

I have registered and paid for my space. Now what?

You will receive a confirmation email from the website. Within a few days you will get an email with set up information and a graphic to use for you to advertise the event by sharing it on social media. 

Why do I have to advertise?

Vendors must share in the advertising- it's a group effort. Most of the followers that subscribe or get notice about  Hear Here events are vendors. I do not have any followers that are looking to buy items from me. You should tell your followers where you're going to be so they know where to travel to buy your products.